Single born twin | vanishing twin syndrome

I welcome you to the information about single born twin / vanishing twin syndrome.
In time, this page will grow with all kinds of information about this topic, such as:

~ the theme 'single born twin' | 'vanishing twin syndrome'  
~ what it means to be part of a single born multiple birth
~ and how you can convert your authentic and unique talents to achieving your mission in our new world.

Gradually you will find here also links to videos about this topic and topics such as perfectionism, self love, self esteem, feelings of inferiority, not wanting to stand or speak in front of an audience, guilt, constantly having the feeling as if something is missing in your life, having plans but not moving forward and so on.

If you resonate with this subject and would like to have more clarity for yourself, it may be advisable to opt for a consultation.
With this consultation you will receive all the information why and why you are a part of single twins of triplets, or quadruplets and etc.
You also receive in this consultation lifelong valuable information with which you van start to place this subject, feelings and emotions a place in your life.
With your blueprint data I will do my research for the answers, where my tools are the galactic,  medical, spiritual astrology and your Akashic Records.

Because you are unique, authentic and you really have something to offer the new world!

Below you will find the information about the Soul Reading Single born Twin

Price €150,00 euros
This is an online / video consultation in which I explain the meaning of why you are a single born twin / multiple. You will receive insights about what your soul mission is, your fears and also how you can connect with you individuality, your authenticity and where your primal trust lies in order to able to take on your soul mission. 
All consultations are live zoom calls. All conversations are recorded and afterwards you will always receive a recording of our conversation including a brief overview of your galactic connections and the most important relevant information.

Why don't I provide written advice?
During a consultation, important life topics can be discussed in more depth.
It can evoke memories and associations, because the subconscious is very active during a Quantul Soul Guidance Reading or astrological consultation.
That is why I do not provide written advice.

How do you order a Soul Reading Only Born Multiple?

1) you send an email to with the following information:
- your full name
- your date of birth DD/MM/YYYY
- your exact time of birth
- your place of birth & country
- a most recent photo of you in which you are alone
- if you take medication, please state your medication
- do you want to know whether any complaints, discomfort or long-term health challenges you may have have a possible connection with your galactic attunements? Then mention them.
- your intention of your request
- your email and telephone number

2) after receiving your email you will receive a payment link from me

3) after receiving your full payment we will make an appointment when we schedule our zoom call.

The zoom call for your chosen option for a Soul Reading Only Born Multiple will only be scheduled when payment has been made in full.
If you have any questions, you are always welcome at

You will soon find a link here to a questionnaire that I have put together for you, as well as a link to an accompanying video, which can guide and support you on your unique path.

Of course, you are always welcome for questions regarding this theme.

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